Tony Rich

Coach Tony

Tony is a 10x Ironman Distance Triathlon Finisher and is one of the few known athletes that has finished an Ironman distance triathlon both outdoors and indoors (PR 08:17:25 Indoors).

Additionally he’s completed over 100 long course endurance events over 15 years including numerous open water swims, 70.3 races, over 70 Marathons (PR 3:14:46) of which, 14 are consecutive Boston Marathon Finishes. Born, raised and residing in Boston, Tony specializes in the Boston Marathon course and is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

Tony has personally coached athletes and groups of all abilities to a broad spectrum of event finishes from short course events, century rides, marathons, Ironman, USAT National and World Championships. He’s helped several athletes attain personal records, transformations and podium finishes.

Tony works with several local facilities. He is a practicing Masters swim coach and instructor for the Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center and the Oak Square YMCA in Boston where he also serves as coach for the cities only known multi-session indoor triathlon training class.

Tony has experience coaching large and small teams of all abilities. He is the head organizer of the EventHorizon endurance sports team, one of the largest and most active free endurance sport teams in the Northeast. Tony serves as coach of the Boston University collegiate triathlon team. He has also formerly coached the all women's Team Envision multisport team.

Tony considers himself to be consistently evolving with new and improving methods. He calls upon his extended performance team for assistance which is a collective of elite coaches, health & fitness specialists, nutritionists, physical therapists and even physicians. His style is to build effective coach and client relationships in a non-aggressive and motivational way.

With an extensive career background as an analyst and a data scientist, Tony started participating in endurance sports in 2003, and immediately took to the lifestyle. He has always had a love for science, and draws inspiration from the scientific method. He decided to combine his passion for the sport, analysis and science and help others enhance their athletic abilities through the science of self-propelled motion. In between his races he began informally coaching his friends and later began volunteer coaching for local groups.

Tony began laying the foundation for a training and coaching company in 2010 and formally launched EventHorizon, Endurance Sport, LLC in 2011. In the true spirit of his interest in science, the term event horizon has roots in astrophysics. In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman’s terms it is defined as "the point of no return." Tony believes it is a suitable parallel, since athletes face a metaphorical "endurance event horizon." It can be viewed as the time when an endurance event is so near, that no more training benefits can be achieved for it.

The name and logo of the company speaks to the heart of the mission, approach and philosophy which is that; training should be grounded in the best science available to prepare athletes to cross the endurance event horizon, ready to perform.

American Red Cross Trained Lifeguard | USA Cycling Certified Coach | ITCA Certified Triathalon Coach | USA Certified Triathalon Coach

Qualifications / Certifications

  • BS, Boston College
  • MS, from Boston University
  • USAT and ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
  • Level 3 USA Cycling Certified Coach
  • USMS/ASCA Certified Masters Swim Coach
  • American Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor (WSI)
  • American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard
  • American Red Cross Certified in
    • CPR/AED
    • Waterfront Safety
    • Standard First Aid
  • TraningPeaks™ Certified Coach

Training Peaks Certified Coach