Virtual Triathlon Coach (Subscription)

A higher end subscription based program, and a "hands on" approach for triathletes looking for a more personalized and dynamic solution. The triathlete's program is designed by a certified coach in no greater than two week increments at a time, to allow the coach to engage in ongoing assessment, and actively mold the program to fit the triathlete's changing fitness level, circumstances and adaptation. The coach has an in-depth one-on-one consultation with the triathlete biweekly. The package includes all of the benefits below.

Package Includes:
  • Initial phone/Skype consultation to initiate assessment, determine goals and limitations.
  • Conduct Athlete Profile Questionnaire results and evaluation
  • Personalized swim, cycling, and running Virtual Clinics
  • Swim, cycling, and running biomechanical analysis (with HD 1080p video if local)
  • Online training log and performance dashboard
  • Performance testing (Field Tests)/identifying of Hear Rate and Power Zones
  • Customized dynamic training plan developed in no greater than 2 week increments
  • Bi Weekly/phone/Skype conference
  • Unlimited email support
  • Comprehensive Race Execution and Pacing Planning for "A Races"
  • Comprehensive Post Race Analysis Report and Strategy for "A Races"
  • Race Day Preparation and Planning Consultation
  • Body Composition analysis/targeting and proprietary GlidePath
  • General nutrition strategy
  • EventHorizon endurance sport Newsletter, with training tips and sponsor discounts
  • Discounted EventHorizon endurance sport training and racing apparel
  • Annual Training and Race Planning (ATRP)
  • Integration into the EventHorizon endurance sport community of endurance enthusiasts
  • No minimum contract!


$150/Month - Long Course Package (70.3, 140.6)
$100/Month - Sprint/Olympic Package



Triathlon Training - Team

Do you have a small or large group of triathletes training for their first triathlon, or an experienced group training for an Ironman? Are you a non-profit with a small or large group that is also fundraising and training for a big event?

Our new Triathlon Training - Team package may be a right fit for your group. A certified and experienced USAT Certified Triathlon coach will build a customized program for your team. Through group training meet-ups and Webinars we'll establish team camaraderie and group motivation as the team completes the same customized program. The group will receive race execution planning and strategy. For charity teams you'll receive realistic, creative and proven fundraising strategies from fundraising experts.

Benefits of group Training:
  • Have a certified and dedicated coach provide your team with specialized instruction
  • For charity teams, receive creative fundraising advice and guidance from fundraising experts
  • For local events, support and counsel for out of town athletes
  • Team up and tackle a big event together for team camaraderie and motivation
  • Periodic group instructor lead workouts (for local groups)
  • Make new friends and training partners
  • Team executes the same program allowing for collaboration
  • Execute training program designed for performance and injury prevention
  • Spread the cost of training and coaching across a group
  • Team apparel options available
  • Post event celebration

Package Includes:
  • Customized training group program developed all the way to race day, powered by TrainingPeaks
  • Periodic virtual meetings and clinic style Webinars with screen sharing capabilities powered by MeetingBurner
  • Periodic group instructor led training workouts and in person team strategy meetings (for local groups)
  • Comprehensive course evaluation, race execution and pacing planning strategy
  • Race day preparation and planning consultation
  • Multi-page athlete guide eBooks with training, coaching and nutrition best practices
  • Toolkit of resources including BMI target calculator, heart rate zone calculator and more
  • Online training log, performance dashboard and daily email with a summary of prescribed activity
  • General Nutrition Strategies and body composition targeting assistance
  • EventHorizon endurance sport newsletter, with training tips and sponsor discounts
  • Discounted EventHorizon endurance sport training and racing apparel
  • Integration into the EventHorizon endurance sport community of endurance enthusiasts
  • Granted organizer control of Endurance Sports Fundraising meetup group for fundraisers
  • Unlimited email support of a certified coach and fundraising expert

Contact Coach Tony

Group/Team coordinators email Coach Tony via the Contact Form.

In the SUBJECT line include the name of your group.

In the BODY of the form include details of your team and your objective.

Coach Tony will get back to you in less than 24 hours.


Deals may be available for special circumstances. Please contact us with questions.

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