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The Phoenix Rises

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The Phoenix Rises

I’ve been working on a secret weapon.  It’s a project I began approximately six years ago, and the result of extensive training, research and development. Project Phoenix could be my greatest of all accomplishments.  Just waiting for the day to unleash the Phoenix onto the world, the time has arrived.

EventHorizon endurance sport welcomes Erin Hayes to the coaching team! Having coached Erin for over 6 years, I’ve seen her rack up and impressive medal count, including national and world championships, and podium appearances too numerous to count.  She has short course, and long course multisport experience including the popular duathlon.  She’s a running and marathon expert with impressive finishes in all road race distances.

There’s surely much more to coaching than people think.  Having gone through several macrocycles of being a coached athlete for big A races, Erin’s now an expert in the coaching process and understands the steps necessary to transform bodies to perform regardless of ability. She understands training program design and the periodization process and science,  because she’s been immersed in it herself for years.

I call Erin the Phoenix, in the spirit of the mythological bird.  The Phoenix cyclically rises from the ashes to demonstrate a new and brilliant form of her former self.  Through triumph and tragedy, Erin rose from the fire and the ashes with brilliance every year.

Now as an EventHorizon coach Erin will pass on her expertise and help other endurance athletes achieve new heights. I invite you to read her full bio, and welcome Erin to the team! If you’re interested in coaching with Erin, please reach out to us

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Tony is the Founder, Head Coach and Managing Director of EventHorizon endurance sport. USAT Level II Certified Coach, USMS/ASCA Certified Master Swim Coach, USA Cycling Certified Coach. TrainingPeaks Certified Coach. BS Boston College, MS Boston University. Finisher of over 100 long course endurance events and 16x consecutive Boston Marathon finisher. Tony is the Guinness World Record Holder for the fastest Indoor Ironman distance triathlon

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