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We believe that endurance sport training should be centered in the best science available. Self-propelled motion activities are the most efficient means of enhancing endurance sport performance and general fitness. If athletes trust the process and remain consistent, results will materialize.


Download one of EventHorizon’s free endurance sport guides with key training and racing strategies, and map your pathway to optimal execution and performance.

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Endurance Sport Training Guides

Our free endurance sport guides with keys to optimal training and racing strategies have been developed by EventHorizon coaches with over 20 cumulative years of experience.

Boston Marathon: Qualifying or Racing
Triathlon: Keys to Training & Racing
Half & Full Marathons: Keys to Performance
Swimming with Purpose & Impact

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Coaching services, training programs, camps and clinics

EventHorizon offers affordable and flexible coaching services that fit the needs of any endurance athlete or team. For athletes and teams that prefer to be self-coached , we have a suite of training programs, camps or clinics that are infused with tools and resources like videos, eBooks, and dashboard calculators.

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Boston Marathon eBook

This free and highly detailed guide will provide you with our coaches key steps for qualifying for, and then running the Boston Marathon.

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Free Download

Free Download

This free and and detailed guide will provide you key training strategies for all three disciplines of triathlon.

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Free Download

Free Download

Full and half marathon performance takes strategic and tactical approaches to succeed. Download our free guid with key training strategies.

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Free Download

Free Download

To train to swim faster, you must have a "swimming with a purpose" approach to succeed. Download our free guide with key swim training strategies.

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