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The next best thing to hiring a coach, our programs employ dynamic workout technology and resources, providing robust training systems.

Half Marathon Machine

For half marathon runners, this system provides everything necessary for the runner to successfully navigate everything from training, pacing and fueling.


Hayes Half Marathon

Half marathon programs designed specifically for women by coach Erin Hayes. The system offers tools and resources for women of all abilities ranging from beginner to experienced.


The Qualifier

The complete system for bridging the gap to qualify and get into the Boston Marathon. The system assists marathoners in managing every aspect of their qualifier (nutrition, body composition, pacing..etc).



The complete program and system tailored for the Boston Marathon course. Runners of all abilities are given resources that allow them to manage every aspect of training and racing Boston.


The T3

70.3 and Ironman triathlete’s complete system to train for and manage every aspect of their event. Functional strength tailored for triathletes, 3 eBooks, videos and over 10 calculators.


Display of Power

A cycling for racing performance FTP builder series of programs (increase FTP 20-25%).  The series also contains programs for cyclists training for a century (100 mile ride) or a two day 150-175 mile ride.


Everything You Get With Our Training Systems:
Program Design Science

Qualified & experienced endurance sport coach expertise.

Clearly Defined Workouts

Dynamic workout training targets powered by the TrainingPeaks structured workout builder.

Completed Activity & Nutrition Sync

AutoSync completed activity & nutrition with your Garmin or other compatible devices & apps for roll-up analysis.

Mobile App

Access all program details and stored data via mobile app.

Daily Email

Receive a daily email detailing prescribed activity for the next 48 hrs.

Video Demos & Webinars

Video demonstrations and coach lead webinar style instructional videos.


Your users guide to the program, training & nutrition.

Field Test Result Calculators & Dashboards

10+ calculators in a Performance Console for field test analysis, predictive tools, and more.

Sponsor Discounts

Some sponsor discount codes included with the program.


We can deploy any one of our training programs and systems to small or large groups and teams. If this interests you, have your group administrator contact us via the “contact” form link on the left side of the page and provide all of the specifics about the request. We will respond back within 24 hours with follow-up questions and the rate details.

Coach Badges

EventHorizon coaches have a combination of endurance sports experience (20+ cumulative years) and qualifications.