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Our Core Philosophy

We believe that endurance sport training should be centered in the best science available. Self-propelled motion activities are the most efficient means of enhancing endurance sport performance and general fitness. If athletes trust the process and remain consistent, results will materialize.

Our Mission:

Established in 2011, the mission of the company is to seek out the most proven scientific methods and technology available to provide a range of cost-effective training and coaching solutions to athletes of all levels. We want to build a global community of well informed endurance athletes. Our passion is to help prepare, support and motivate people to reach their personal goals.

The term “event horizon” has roots in astrophysics. In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime. In layman’s terms it is defined as “the point of no return.”  Athletes face a metaphorical “endurance event horizon.”  We interpret it as the time when an endurance event draws so near, that no more training benefits can be achieved for it, and there’s no turning back.

Our name and logo speaks to the heart of our philosophy and mission. With the best science available, we want to prepare and transform athletes of all abilities to cross the endurance event horizon, physically and mentally ready to perform.

Our Approach: The Pillars of Performance

Endurance sport athletes must achieve a unique combination of fitness attributes. They require a specialized approach that can only be employed by an experienced AND qualified endurance sport coach.

Our comprehensive and integrated approach focuses on six primary pillars we consider pivotal for endurance sport performance, for all categories of athletes ranging from recreational to professional.

Some pillars are fitness focused while others are execution focused. EventHorizon coaches drill down several layers into each pillar to extract athlete success.

Fitness Focused

  • Aerobic/Threshold/Anaerobic
  • Biomechanical Efficiency
  • Body Composition Targeting
  • Oxygen Uptake and Delivery
  • Intensity Zones
  • Integrated Functional Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Tailored Periodization

  • Integrated Recovery
  • Active Recovery
  • Training Adaptation
  • Easy Days/Rest Days
  • Sleep Quality and Stress Mgt.
  • Dynamic Injury Recovery Protocol
  • Training Stress Balance (TSB)

  • Macronutrient Quality & Quantity
  • Consumption/Energy Requirements 
  • Caloric Deficit Management
  • Reward and Behavior Analysis
  • Hydration Requirements
  • Approach for Body Composition

Execution Focused

  • Tactical Fueling Methods
  • Deriving Fueling Requirements
  • Pre Race Nutrition
  • Race Nutrition
  • Hydration Protocol
  • Electrolyte Protocol

Race Pacing
  • Race Execution Strategy
  • Pacing Execution Plan
  • Goal Targeting
  • Race Time Prediction
  • Tactical Race Skills
  • Race Simulation

Athlete Psychology
  • Mindset & Execution
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Composure
  • Concentration
  • Social Influence

Periodization & Communication

Periodization is the optimal combination of workouts that maximize the athlete’s outcome over a training cycle or phase, which is representative of several weeks of training. When we coach athletes, our approach to training program design is not an algorithm or “cookie cutter” process. EventHorizon coaches ALWAYS tailor and design training to the unique needs and goals of the athlete.

With enhancements in science and technology and the trend toward cloud based systems, EventHorizon coaches can develop a high level plan (HLP) and an annual training plan (ATP) consistent with periodization science. Generally depicted as a pyramid, we envision the periodization process today as a hextile design, since the EventHorizon coach can now more effectively construct training phases and cycles dynamically that maximize the athlete’s opportunity cost of time.



Communicate, Evaluate, Prescribe, Deploy, Re-Evaluate, Re-Communicate, Re-Deploy

The classic one-off and fee based “meet me at the gym and I’ll train you for an hour” fitness training approaches can be cost prohibitive and less effective. Not to mention the results from those one-off sessions are lost. Resultantly the opportunity to quantify the cumulative impact from those sessions are lost.

The trend toward wearable fitness technology and modern data gathering and tracking methods allow EventHorizon coaches to employ and instill a self-efficacy framework.  Today we are able to more effectively store and evaluate training results, then prescribe and deploy training program design expertise.

Our approach for athletes is location independent and instills ideal habitual behavior with on-going accountability and oversight.  The framework works on a level that is impossible to obtain with classical fitness training models that are not sustainable and can instill dependency.

Advances in cloud computing, mobile applications, sharepoint sites, audio bridges, peer-to-peer video communication and screen share platforms allow EventHorizon coaches the capabilities to maintain consistent communication. We coach athletes throughout entire training cycles and evaluate completed activity and nutrition logs dynamically and in real time.

With instantaneous direct line of sight into the real-time refresh of all six of the athlete’s key performance pillars listed above, we’re in a better position than ever before to keep athletes accountable with regular face-to-face check-ins. We can provide analysis, answer questions and offer feedback in a time-efficient way wherever the athletes may exist. With this approach for personalized coaching, we are able to train and coach athletes in cities all over the world.