Endurance Consulting

Whether you have questions and need direction, require data interpretation or detailed analysis of your training data, we’ve got you covered.


Where: Location Independent

What: As endurance sport continues to grow, athletes need different kinds of support. If one-on-one coaching is not for you, perhaps an hour or two with one of our expert coaches is what you need.

Who: Our Master coaches are certified with USA Triathlon, IRONMAN, completed a widely recognized sports nutritionist certification and have a decade of coaching experience.

When: After collecting information on what you’re looking to get out of the session(s), the Master coach will book a sit down face-to-face screen sharing session with you via Zoom or Skype.

Cost: $150 per hour.  The fee at checkout is for one hour of consulting with a coach. For additional hours of consultation time, increase the quantity amount.

Master Coach Consultations Consist of:
One-on-One Consultation

Receive face-to-face consultation and screen share through Zoom or Skype.

Consultation Summary Report

A short summary report delivered after consultation with prescribed initiatives.


Analysis of your training and/or nutrition data in the session.

Strategic Direction

Strategic training direction based on science and evidenced based principles.


  • The self coached or self-sufficient athlete just looking for interpretation, analysis or direction from an experienced and qualified coach and nutritionist.
  • The athlete that’s priced out of, or not suitable for one-on-one coaching but require assistance on an ad-hoc basis.


  • Tony Rich
    • Managing Director, EventHorizon endurance sport
    • Host of the Endurance Experience Podcast
    • Level II USAT Certified Coach
    • Level II TrainingPeaks Certified Coach
    • IRONMAN Certified Coach
    • Certified Sports Nutritionist: ISSA, Precision Nutrition L1
    • 10 Years of coaching experience
    • Guinness World Record Holder – Indoor Ironman