Erin Lockwood

Erin Lockwood

Coach Erin

Erin is a USAT Level I Certified coach. She has a diverse and broad range of experience in the endurance sports lifestyle. She has both short and long course experience in triathlon and duathlon including several 70.3 and Ironman finishes.  Erin is an experienced and expert runner with finishes in just about every road race under her belt from 5k to marathon. She has countless podium appearances and has qualified for and raced at national and world championships.

Erin has a tremendous passion for endurance sport. An accomplished fitness and lifestyle blogger for several years, her Adventures of TriBarbie blog has amassed an impressive following.  Erin has has written extensively about everything from endurance sport and fitness best practices, apparel, equipment and important aspects of the training and racing process and lifestyle.  She has offered her expertise to anyone looking for help and has particularly been an inspiration to women of all abilities.

 After training and racing for 6 years as an EventHorizon coached athlete, Erin is an EventHorizon coach and looking to pass on her expertise.

Coach Badges

EventHorizon coaches have a combination of endurance sports experience (20+ cumulative years) and qualifications.