Be prepared to run the Boston Marathon course!


Training Program: A training program designed by qualified and experienced coaches and powered by TrainingPeaks. Select from 28, 24, 20, and 16 weeks, beginner to experienced.

On-Demand Learning : Over 10 hours of on-demand video courses on every Boston Marathon preparation topic including training, recovery, nutrition, fueling, course intelligence, pacing as well as subject matter expert tutorials and podcasts.

Tools & Resources : A 80+ page eBook with 12 chapters on every relevant topic in marathon training and a workbook of calculators, dashboards and reports.

Communication : Private Facebook group with coaches and periodic Facebook live events.  Mobile app access to on-demand learning and certified coach!

Style : Self Paced  Cost: $99.00 per person (Inquire about large group and team costs)

The RunBoston Training System Consists of:
Videos On-Demand

The athlete’s video library on every relevant Boston Marathon training and preparation topic


The 70+ page eBook dives deep into Boston Marathon preparation topics

Mobile App

The mobile app allows for access to the program, on-demand learning and completed activity analysis.

Training Program

The training program powered by TrainingPeaks designed to meet or exceed the demands of the Boston Marathon

Tools and Calculators

The athlete’s reusable for lifetime, dynamic suite of interactive tools and calculators.

Expert Analysis & Communication

A private Facebook group with Boston Marathon expert coaches.


  • In the new world of COVID-19 your training team requires a full robust and dynamic training and coaching solution without having to meet up in large groups.
  • RunBoston is an out of the box turnkey system that allows Boston marathon runners to self organize, self execute and prepare for the Boston Marathon on their own time, proving a more efficient and cost effective solution for organizers.
  • Runners won’t need to waste time seeking in person lectures. RunBoston Provides on-demand learning through an online portal that is completely self-paced. It’s time efficient for them and it is the next best thing to hiring a personal coach.
  • Some marathon runners are still using internet files, Google documents, spreadsheets, and PDF files to view their programs and workouts. Yikes! NO MORE! Use working software that syncs with runner’s wearable technology and provides dynamic calendars and dashboards.
  • The RunBoston training program is powered by TrainingPeaks a robust training and coaching software that allows the runner to manage the program and keep track of completed activity for analysis, and stay up to date with a mobile app and daily email.
  • The RunBoston program was developed by experienced and certified coaches including Tony Rich, founder and managing director of EventHorizon endurance sport and 16x consecutive Boston Marathon Finisher and sports nutritionist. They received input from several subject matter experts on the program design and nutrition guidance.


  • The 4 Newton hills of the Boston Marathon course after mile 16 pose a unique challenge for Boston Marathon runners. The program prepares runners for those hills.
  • Running downhill in the Boston Marathon can result in fatigue later in the race. This is called eccentric loading. The program is tailored to prepare Boston Marathoners for eccentric loading.
  • The training incorporates targeted volume and periodization scientifically determined to maximize running economy over a specific goal time.
  • Determine how to derive accurate Boston Marathon prediction times based on your fitness throughout training and into race execution strategy.
  • Receive a Boston Marathon workbook of calculators, dashboard and tools including a Boston Marathon course adjusted pacing calculator.
  • Receive instruction and tools on how to formulate a Boston Marathon race execution strategy (tapering plan, pacing plan, pre-race nutrition plan, race nutrition plan).
  • Via a private Facebook group receive key tips from expert Boston Marathon coaches that have trained and coached hundreds of marathon runners.
  • Reuse the program, eBook, tools and resources for life and have access to the on-demand learning for a year.


  • Yes. We recommend the full program by selecting “Enroll” to get the most out of the learning outcomes. However you can get only the program powered by TrainingPeaks via the following link. [The RunBoston Training Program Only]
  • Execute your Boston Marathon training and show up on race day with complete confidence. Enter the full online course by selecting “Enroll” to begin. Contact us at with any questions about the components of the system.