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Why You're Not Improving

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Why You're Not Improving

You’re training too hard and here’s why.

The issue is if you don’t do your easy workout easy enough, then you won’t be able to do your hard session hard enough. The point that most athletes aren’t training hard enough on days meant to go hard, and training to hard on days meant to be easy.

How easy should an athlete be going? It’s different for each athlete and the distance they’re training for, but when it comes to running, your easy runs should be done in an aerobic pace which is about 90 seconds slower than your marathon pace. Yes, it can be that slow.

Trust me, you’ll feel better and refreshed, ready to tackle your hard workouts harder, feel great, and make better gains this way.


A USAT or IRONMAN Certified Coach would be able to consult with you and look at your training plan and training load and make sure you are training correctly.  Not pushing too hard too often and jeopardizing your fitness gains.

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Brady Hoover is an IRONMAN Certified Coach and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and a 17x Long Course Finisher, with extensive experience in endurance sports training and racing, and coach for EventHorizon Endurance Sport

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